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Kundan necklaces are different in their beauty; come find out about them at Aabhushan by MV. 

Aabhushan by MV, where fashion blends with uniquely skilled Artistry. Revolve into a sphere where tradition merges with modern glitz, and allow us to direct you to the fascinating beauty of Kundan Necklaces. 

Kundan jewellery was first used in the royal courts of India, but it has been in the hearts of all for many centuries and still captures them with its magnificent designs and details. Artistic yet reflecting the craftwork in passion, every Kundan necklace is a high-class artifact with a story of elegance and heritage behind it. 

Aabhushan by MV embodies this world heritage while adapting it into style elements appropriate for the time. This results in designs perpetually relevant to this generation’s ever-sophisticated and discriminating tastes. One of the fine qualities of our Kundan necklace collection is the most exceptional gemstones perfectly stereotyped in the glistened precious metal. So, these creations will be extravagant and everlasting. 

The technique of the Kundan setting is the Artistry that requires an immense amount of precision and skill. 

The precision of this Kundan setting technique, which inserts stones and then melts pure gold to generate a unified and dignified spectacle, is what makes Kundan necklaces of a particular kind. This process is complex because it involves the involvement of artisans masters who, after decades, refine the art, ensuring the creation of each object as a masterpiece to be kept for centuries. 

From traditional designs featuring tear-dropped earrings with pink or purple gemstones typical for the period to contemporary interpretations that combine vibrant shades and geometric shapes – our Kundan necklace collection is perfect for every occasion and style. It is now the time for the summer wedding feast or when you wish to glamorize your everyday gear by adding that traditional touch. Among them, the Shining Kundan Necklace from Aabhushan by MV will heighten the beauty of the wedding celebration or enhance the elegance of your outfit. 

Symbolism and Significance

However, it’s not about beauty alone; behind the beauty of the Kundan necklaces, a deeper symbolic meaning also exists, representing love, prosperity, and divine blessings. And as you drape yourself with one of our unique pieces, you are holding on to something quite beautiful and part of age-old achievements passed on from our forefathers. 

Moreover, in addition to its aesthetic value and meaning, Kundan jewellery offers investment options, which makes it a priceless heritage to be passed on to the next generation. All necklaces in this collection are painstakingly created and carefully finished to make them last forever, so they will develop more and more beauty with time. 

Aabhushan is the brand that will help you uplift your style game. 

At Aabhushan by MV, we recognize that jewelry shopping is a personal matter, and we, therefore, endeavor to make our customers’ shopping experience pleasant. From browsing our online collection to visiting our boutique, our team of experts is always here to help you find the one Kundan necklace that stands for you uniquely and matches your individuality!

On top of our ready-to-wear collection, we deliver ready-to-wear Kundan necklaces and bespoke services that enable you to create a unique Kundan necklace. Whether you choose a specific stone or want the details designed mainly, our team will closely work with you and help you realize your dreams. The outcome will be something unique for you. 

Now, as you go through our collection of Kundan necklaces, you are also welcome to join the beauty and skill of the Aabhushan by MV. Whatever kind of jewellery connoisseur you are- whether you’re a connoisseur or are only looking for something to add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe, our Kundan necklace will not disappoint. Allow Aabhushan by MV to give you an unforgettable experience of wearing Kundan jewellery and see your style rise like a phoenix.

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